What is the JUMP-Cell Painting Consortium?

Cellpainting== Our data is now public! See our Results page. ==

Funded in part by the Bits to Bytes Capital Call of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC), the JUMP-Cell Painting Consortium created a new data-driven approach to drug discovery based on cellular imaging, image analysis, and high dimensional data analytics. We believe it will transform drug discovery by relieving a major bottleneck in the pharma pipeline: determining the mechanism of action of potential therapeutics prior to introduction into patients. We created an unprecedented public data set to validate and scale up this image-based drug discovery strategy. This valuable public resource is now available for other applications, including predicting compounds’ activity and toxicity, matching drugs to disease states, and more.

JUMP-CP created the necessary validation, technical know-how, and data to bring Cell Painting to bear on a key bottleneck in drug discovery, while nucleating and catalyzing the worldwide community that uses the technology. By coordinating assay procedures across the partners, future created data will be well-matched. Ultimately, we aim to make cell images as computable as genomes and transcriptomes.