Nomic to Provide nELISA to JUMP Cell Painting Consortium

Protein profiling company Nomic announced in a press release today that it is providing access to the company’s nELISATM platform to the Joint Undertaking in Morphological Profiling-Cell Painting (JUMP-CP) consortium. With this access, Nomic joins the JUMP-CP consortium as a Supporting Partner.

From the press release:

The database, which is scheduled to be publicly available in November 2022, will display the phenotypes of more than one billion cells responding to over 140,000 small molecules and genetic perturbations to enable a systematic mapping of the activity and toxicity of compounds, as well as their associations to relevant disease states. As part of the collaboration, Nomic will provide JUMP-CP scientists and partners the ability to measure 200 secreted proteins in 10,000 samples, which will generate two million protein data points.

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