Two publicly available portals to explore the data

Ardigen’s phenAID portal

The phenAID JUMP-CP Explorer was created by the Ardigen Data Science and Software Development team to enable easy access and visualization of JUMP-CP data. The web-based application shows a phenotypic and structural representation of the data set colored by clusters. Users can switch between representations and search for the closest compounds (neighbors) in both phenotypic (Cell Painting) and structural (chemical structure) spaces, as well as view the corresponding images, compound structures and additional information. The Explorer contains the chemical perturbation data released by JUMP-CP on the 1st of November 2022; the update for all JUMP-CP data will be completed by the end of the summer. View the portal here

Spring Discovery's JUMP-CP portal

Spring Discovery has built a portal to explore the raw images of the JUMP-CP dataset and easily run data analyses. Their tools allow running statistical comparisons on CellProfiler features, exploring similarities between conditions/controls, and training single cell phenotypic models on relevant cell behavior. Right now, the portal has the overexpression (ORF) dataset; they are working to ingest the remaining JUMP-CP data as well. They are actively exploring how to use JUMP-CP as a reference for new experiments and would love to collaborate with anybody else interested in this. View the portal here